Rainscreen cladding accerssories. Cladding elements. Façade Fasteners.

Cladding is a serious business. It's essential to use quality materials.

NVELOPE offers architects, designers, consulting engineers and cladding contractors a proven and safe method of fixing cladding elements.

NVELOPE is an authorised supplier for the sikatack panel structural adhesive system.

NVELOPE also offers a range of specialist high quality stainless steel façade fasteners and accessories – NVELOPE offers SFS specialist fixings – which offer excellent pull-out performance and fast comfortable drilling into all substrates for the façades installer.


Our range of specialist aluminium rainscreen trims and pre-coated accessories.

Vent profiles / 'bird's beak' closures

Panel adhesive system - structural bonding

NVELOPE is an authorised supplier of the sikatack panel adhesive system in the UK. Sikatack panel adhesive has been succesfully used in the UK construction market for over 20 years.

Durable, ultimate bond strength and stress distribution – independently tested.

Permanently elatomeric, elastic bond capable of withstanding extreme dynamic loads and climatic conditions.

Easy, trouble-free installation, economical façade construction.

Proven elastic bonding technology - accommodates thermal expansion, eliminates stress fatigue and assists in the prevention of cold bridging.

BBA certificated (No. 05/4218) - suitable for fixing most façade panels.

Certified as part of ISO 9001/ EN29001

Product range

Sikatack panel adhesive (19/STS/600) - 600 cc ‘sausage’ (coverage c. 13 m1) - moisture curing single component polyurethane resin based structural adhesive.

Sikatack panel adhesive (9/STS/310) - 310 cc ‘cartridge’ (coverage = 6.5 m1).

Sikatack double sided tape (19/STT/33.0) - 33 m1 (black 3mm closed cell polyethylene tape) - temporary support for panel whilst adhesive is curing, regulates thickness and spread of adhesive, maintains clean vertical panel joints.

Sikatack (19/SPP/1LTR) - 205 primer - 1 ltr (black) - single part epoxy polyurethane for porous and non-porous substrate - forms the bond surface between support frame and cladding panel.

Sikatack activator (19/STC/205-1LTR) 1 ltr - surface conditioner, adhesion promoter, general degreaser.



Sika hand wipes (69WIP01) tub of 100 - for removal of uncured sikatack and sikaflex.

Membrane universal black EPDM (1701001) 25m x 100mm roll - sealing and waterproofing construction gaps in building facades.

Sikabond TF plusN (2025206) - 600 cc ‘sausage’- 1 pt sag resistant polyurethane adhesive/liquid gasket for membrane.

02. Sikatack

03. SFS

SFS Fixings
It's essential to use quality primary fixings

NVELOPE is an authorised supplier for SFS fixings and the intec range of specialist, high quality, stainless steel rainscreen fasteners.

These offer excellent pull out performance and fast comfortable drilling into all substrates for the installer.

The SFS intec offer via NVELOPE is backed by a 25 year warranty package and the extensive resources of a successful international group.

The SFS UK product range can offer architects, designers, consulting engineers and contractors a proven and innovative method of fixing cladding systems.