Rainscreen cladding specification made easy through our quality and innovation.

Installer friendly rainscreen cladding solutions – designed with the installer in mind for fast-track construction. We aim to hold extensive stocks of NVELOPE rainscreen cladding brackets/rails and accessories for immediate call off. Our technical service package includes static analysis, installation advice and installer team training.

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DCT understand and empathise with the modern architect. Our technical department is always here to help. Easy to specify – our rainscreen cladding systems are available as NBS plus specification clauses and with autoCAD files. Optimised system and rail layouts with specialist engineered solutions. Project vision and transparency provided through our support service (static calculations, thermal values and M2 budget pricing). We are versed in supporting most key façade manufacturers’ materials. We always aim to hold extensive stocks of our brackets, rails and accessories – which means stock allocation is always available to get a project underway.

Sustainability - Our green credentials
Bridging the thermal gap

The 2010 revision to part ‘L’ places specific emphasis on the performance of the building details and the additional losses through linear thermal bridging.

Thermal bridges cause increased flow of heat and should be taken into consideration when designing a façade/façade system. Since the fixing of ventilated cladding must go through the thermal insulation into the substrate it cannot be avoided.

Thermal decoupling of the substructure from the ventilated façade is achieved through thermal separation layers.

NVELOPE NV and NH brackets are pre-assembled with thermal isolators – isolators help reduce thermal bridging – in addition NVELOPE isolators prevent a chemical reaction occurring between aluminium brackets and lime in concrete frames.

The thermal value of NVELOPE brackets / isolators has been calculated – go to project checklist

The additional heat loss for each M2 is known as the PSI value and this additional heat loss is dependant upon the type of detail, the thermal conductivity of the cladding materials and the quality of the detail design and installation.

Our sustainable brackets

NVELOPE brackets (and profiles) are manufactured in the UK to EN7559 production and EN12020-2 alloy and quality standards.

All of our brackets are produced from sustainable aluminium and are fully traceable.

All NVELOPE product are made from aluminium.
Hover over image to get benefit of using aluminium.
Hover over image to get benefit of using aluminium.
Hover over image to get benefit of using aluminium.
Hover over image to get benefit of using aluminium.
Hover over image to get benefit of using aluminium.

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We generally understand the requirements of our clients - the Architect and the Façade installer. We aim to enhance our proposition with initiatives and solutions that save our clients time, hassle and money. As a solutions Company, we are always interested in your ideas and visions. Tell us what you think and what you need, because we take delight in fresh external inspiration.

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